Watch the Season Finale: Ep. 10 - Dwarf Be Not Proud


The dwarves, giants, fairies and other wizarding doctors of "Fantasy Hospital" can cure any magical malady from Arachpneumonia to Zombie Decay. Dwarf Chief of Staff Kuckles leads the medical mages: Dr. Drexel Bonaventure, the reformed evil wizard; Nurse Misty Windham, the enigmatic elf; giant Dr. Pakij, the Ogre G.Y.N., centaur Hunter, the quadramedic and Nickleby the secre-fairy. But when the High Wizard declares that even the lowly humans must be saved, they’ll seek help from the unlikeliest of worlds -- ours. Through a magical mix-up, they receive med. school dropout Max Tuduski. Max will teach them human medicine. In return, they’ll teach Max to be a little more human.

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